• Danial Shaikh

    Danial Shaikh has hosted 34 episodes.

    Danial is a Financial Analyst at TELUS, where he helps the company better understand the drivers of its financial performance. When it comes to technology, he's particularly interested in the consumer, education, media, and marketplace spaces.

    In his free time, you'll often catch him reading, whether it be the latest issue of WIRED, the day's technology news, or a book. Beyond that, he loves to eat, follow basketball, play video games, and catch up on his backlog of unwatched TV shows.

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  • Shubham Datta

    Shubham Datta has hosted 34 episodes.

    Shubham is fascinated with technology and startups, particularly those in the marketplaces / commerce, education, SaaS and FinTech areas. As a Venture Capital Associate at SurePath Capital Partners, Shubham helps fund, grow and exit venture backed startups.

    Outside of work, he's an an avid sports fan watching, everything from basketball and hockey to cricket. In his spare time, I follow the latest trends in consumer technology, hunting cool products on Product Hunt and writing about it all on his blog (www.medium.com/@shubham)

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